If you are remodeling your bathroom, increasing its functionality might be one of your main purposes. The best way to increase the functionality of your bathroom and improve the value of your home is a tub-to-shower conversion. Here are some reasons to consider a custom bathroom conversion for your next bathroom redesign.


The main reason to convert your old tub into a walk-in shower is for functionality. Not only does an extra shower save you and your family time in the morning, but walk-in showers are lower maintenance compared to bathtubs, saving you time when it comes to cleaning.

Earth Friendly

Showers use less water than baths, lowering your environmental impact as well as your bills. Not only will your wallet be heavier, but you will feel better knowing that you are making the environmentally conscious choice.

Longer Lasting

Your current bathtub has various parts that can break and need repair. A standard walk-in shower has far less parts than a traditional tub and utilizes a continuous design with minimal parts. All this means is that your walk-in shower will last far longer between repairs.

Customization Options

You open up a lot of visual options when you convert your tub into a walk-in shower. Customization allows you to add your own personal flair in terms of tiles, hardware, and add-ons which makes your bathroom more attractive to guests and home buyers.

There are many factors that go into the making of your dream bathroom. At One Day Bath, we specialize in tub modifications, bathtub and tile re-glazing, bath liners and more bathroom services. We have the tools and experience to make your dream bath come true. For more information, call us today at (877) 656-7875.

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