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Tub to Shower Conversion

Turn your under-used, outdated tub into a fully functional shower!

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Convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower with our streamlined TubcuT® process.

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Bathtub & Wall Liners

A custom made liner that literally fits right over your existing bathtub.

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Bathtub and tile reglazing is the most economical way to revitalize your bath!

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Convert Your Under Used Bathtub Into a Walk-In Shower

If you are the proud owner of a bathtub that hasn’t been used in decades, then you may want to consider converting it to a safer, more luxurious, walk-in shower. And, while it is true that many of us do enjoy a relaxing bath once in a while, they are not the most thorough way to clean ourselves each day, and they can be time-consuming. If you really had to choose between showers and baths, just for convenience alone, it is safe to say that showers are much more efficient.

Tub to shower conversion in PA

Also, not only is a walk-in shower safer than a typical bathtub/shower combo, but it has a sleeker design and takes up far less space. That means you will have more space for cabinets and shelves in your bathroom after a tub-to-shower conversion. More space will also give your bathroom that minimalist aesthetic that is so popular in modern homes today. You will find that removing your unused bathtub is a great way to quickly renovate your bathroom.

Tub cut in PA

Ready to Swap your Old Bath for a New Shower?

When it comes to safety, there is no more accessible method for daily cleansing than a walk-in shower that doesn’t require you to step over the side of a tub. Most bathtubs have walls that are at least 2 feet high, and stepping over them can be dangerous for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and anyone that may have balance issues. That is why you should consider a tub to shower conversion or a bathtub cut out.

A tub cut is another tub to shower conversion that is simple and efficient. A tub cut is a tub renovation you can make that allows you the ability to walk into the shower without lifting your legs. It is much more cost efficient than bathtub replacement.

Of course, showers are now more convenient and customizable than ever, featuring multiple options when it comes to designs, color schemes, sizes, and exteriors. There are several different shapes, sizes, and heights of shower heads alone, and the shower panel and enclosures can vary greatly. At One Day Bath, our experts will help you decide which style of walk-in shower in Lancaster, PA is best for you and your needs.

You can even find accessories such as detachable shower heads, shower chairs, and hand rails in PA that will make your shower more accommodating than ever before. These options can be added to any of our walk-in showers at your request. These features are designed for increased mobility for adults who may need it, as well as for young children who are just starting to bathe independently. And, for an even more accessible remodel, ask about a tub cut in Allentown, PA!

Give us a call today at (866) 927-8247 to learn more about our large array of walk-in showers, and every type of tub to shower conversion, including the tub cut in Bucks County, PA. Depending on the style and functionality that you choose, you will notice that our walk-in showers, along with all the installation costs, are much more affordable than any other typical bathroom upgrade or shower remodel. So, call us today for tub conversion in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


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