Tub to Shower Conversions 101

If you rarely use your tub, convert it into an extra-large shower that is easier to access, looks great, and lasts a lifetime. Get more from your bathroom with this easy upgrade. Tub to shower conversions can be completed in as little as one to two days. It is as simple as removing your bathtub and replacing the tub surround with an attractive, durable extra-large shower. Many people find that tub-to-shower conversions provide easier access for bathing.

Walk in and barrier free showers conversions can also make your bathroom easier to clean and maintain thanks to the non-porous acrylic products used which are durable, and  material is mold and mildew resistant and is guaranteed to never crack, peel, or fade. Barrier free entry is ideal for mobility impaired individuals or anyone wanting an easier way to enter and exit the shower. These easy-to-enter showers ensure a safe bathing experience since they can be entered or exited without having to take a large step. An additional option is a built-in seat, which is ideal for those who cannot stand for long periods of time.

Bathroom remodels in general are very expensive and time consuming. A tub to shower conversion is the most cost effective and timely way to get the same result. People who like to draw a bath once in a while do not have enough room to lay comfortably in the tub. Besides, the tub gets filthy rather quickly when you use the shower, so having to clean it every time before bathing is an extra chore. If you use your bath/ shower combination exclusively for showering you don’t really need the tub, and it’s an extra surface to scrub and an unnecessary wall to climb over.

One Day Bath has been serving NJ, PA, and NYC tub modifications for over a decade. Their track record is unsurpassed in both the commercial and residential industries. We are dedicated to providing a quality product, one that is professionally installed by our trained and qualified staff. And we stand behind our product by offering a lifetime warranty for as long as you, the original purchaser, own your home. Find out how we can transform the functionality of your bath with tub to shower conversions in just 1 DAY!  Call today for a free in home consultation.

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