LuxSan® Acrylic: Overview and Comparison

LuxSan Acrylic

Closest Competitor

  • Most offer a 2-layer construction of ABS plastic and polystyrene
  • Single acrylic layer can be easily scratched or marred
  • Requires painting on a Black Polyken Primer
  • Most use a lightweight plastic that is susceptible to damage from cleaning agents
  • Contains no anti-microbial protection. Bacteria can double on the surface every 20 minutes.
  • Tubliners weigh 28 lbs
  • Tubliners made from 250 gauge thickness
  • Walls made from 110 gauge thickness

LuxSan® Acrylic

  • Exclusive 4-layer construction featuring the world’s finest acrylic
  • 2nd acrylic layer provides an additional barrier of protection
  • Pre-primed exclusive adhesion layer is transparent
  • High molecular weight acrylic for superior durability and chemical resistance
  • Exclusive Microban® protection fights the growth of mold, mildew, and microbes on the surf ace.
  • Tubliners weigh 38 lbs, the heaviest in the industry (26% heavier)
  • Tubliners made from 280 gauge thickness, the thickest in the industry (10% thicker)
  • Walls made from 120 to 157 gauge thickness, the thickest in the industry (10%- 35% thicker)
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