Tub to Shower Conversion

Aging-In-Place Solutions

Getting around a small and sometimes slippery bathroom is a challenge, so it is not a surprise that several falls occur in that area of your home. Here at One Day Bath, we offer many innovative and attractive bathroom remodeling products that provide safety and independence in the bathroom.

Step inside your new bathroom remodel from One Day Bath Bath, and discover a destination that is as beautiful as it is safe.

Why you should convert your
Bathtub into a Shower?

With us, your bathroom remodeling options are endless. We can replace your current high-sided tub with an exclusive SimplySafe walk-in bathtub. Or for your bathroom remodel we could completely take out your old high-sided bathtub and add a barrier free shower. We can even simply just convert your tub to a walk in shower with the Tub Cut.

Why you should convert your Bathtub into a Shower

When it comes to bathroom remodeling with our SimplyPure barrier free showers, accessibility and Luxury have a lot in common. The hottest bathroom design trends feature large walk in showers with no doors and versatile body sprays.

One Day Bath’s unique bathroom remodeling designs work for everyone—regardless of age, size and ability—ensuring that your bath remodel will serve you well for years to come. After all, having a bathroom remodel that is secure and comfortable, can be the single most affordable and effective thing you can do for a safe and independent future.


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