New Installation Vs Tub Renovation: Which Is More Cost Effective?

New Installation Vs Tub Renovation: Which Is More Cost Effective?

If you are a homeowner, you may have decided you need a bathroom change. You may realize you no longer use your tub, and you prefer to install a shower. If the mobility in and out of the tub over its rim has become an obstacle, it may make more sense for you to convert your bathtub to a shower. You may be interested in knowing how these conversions occur.

Tub Replacement for Shower Conversion

If you use the services of an experienced tub conversion expert, such as us, your tub conversion can be completed in one to two days, and then you can use your new shower. Your bathtub will be removed, and you will have a modern shower that will be safer. Your new shower will be easy to clean since we will provide clean, non-porous, acrylic walls and floors.

Acrylic is not only easy to clean, but it has a smooth, modern appearance. In addition, acrylic is resistant to mold. We will also give you a warranty on your tub conversion that will be valid for as long as you live in your home.

TubcuT Conversion with Walk-in Shower

Instead of a complete bathtub removal and shower installation, we can provide you with a TubcuT. These conversions remove a segment of the rim of your tub so you can walk into the tub. Your tub will then become a walk-in shower. This method is preferred by many since it retains the same wall and part of the tub.

You may be relieved that a TubcuT conversion can take only five to six hours to complete. When finished, the tub will look like it was designed that way, with smooth, rounded edges. If, for any reason, you decide you want to reverse the conversion, we can use the segment of the bathtub to restore your tub to its original condition.

Alternative Bathroom Solutions

If you don’t want a conversion but your bathtub has seen better days, we offers acrylic bathtub liners. These fitted liners fit snugly over your tub and give your bathroom a new look. We can bond the liner to your tub with a permanent sealant. Talk to a bathroom conversion specialist and discuss your requirements to get an estimate for your bathroom project.

Contact Us Today for an Estimate

Whether you’re looking for a tub-to-shower conversion or want an expert tub and tile deglazing, our team has the skills you need. You may have difficulty stepping over the rim of your tub to enter your shower. We can replace your tub with a stylish, modern, tiled shower if you live near Philadelphia. If you prefer, we will produce the “Tubcut” (a segment removed from the front of your tub) and perform a walk in shower installation in the Philadelphia area.

Perhaps your bathroom tiles have served you for many decades, and you want to replace your bathroom with a “facelift.” You may have mobility problems and need a tub conversion in Lehigh Valley, PA. We have been providing tub conversion services at affordable prices to area residents since 2009. Contact us today, and let us give you the proper shower or bathroom remodel.

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