The Importance Of Working With A Professional For Tile Reglazing

The Importance Of Working With A Professional For Tile Reglazing

Reglazing the bathroom tile in your Philadelphia home is an effective and economical way to refresh or update the appearance of your bathroom. You can change the color of the tile, get a new layer of glaze applied, and damage repaired all in one go with the help of a professional tile reglazer. The result is a bathroom that looks like it’s had a complete overhaul and is a place you enjoy spending time in once again. Here’s a look at what you can expect from professional tile reglazing in Philadelphia.

Why Work With a Professional Tile Reglazer?

A bathroom is a hot and wet environment that can cause finishes to deteriorate quickly, especially if they’re not applied correctly or are the wrong material for the purpose. To get the best results, a professional tile reglazer draws upon their extensive experience with the techniques and materials that deliver the best results and longevity. 

Tile reglazing materials last anywhere from 10 to 15 years under normal use patterns, and the work can be re-done when it starts to show signs of wear. Reglazers are also skilled in the art of making invisible repairs to broken tiles and bathtubs, so your bathroom looks like it’s been retiled and a new tub was installed.

Repairing Tile Damage

As bathroom tile ages, it loses its glaze and picks up damage that becomes unsightly. The skills of a professional tile reglazer mean you don’t have to live with the visuals for any longer than necessary as they strip off the worn finishes and repair damaged tiles. You don’t have to go through the expense and inconvenience of replacing a broken tile, especially if the color is out of production.

Tile reglazers will go over all the tile surfaces in search of damage. Once they identify the work that needs to be done, they use the appropriate techniques and materials to address the issues. A chipped tile corner can be filled in with a material that is color-matched to the existing tile, or used to fill in a crack. The worn glaze is stripped off, and then given a fresh coat that makes the tile gleam in the light once again. And if your tub is suffering from discoloration or damage, the tile reglazer can repair the tub as well, restoring it to a like-new condition.

They Can Change the Color of Your Tile With Ease

Decorating tastes and trends change with time, which means your once-stylish bathroom could end up looking old and tired. A professional tile reglazer can easily change the color of the tile to one that suits your tastes, or add a decorative finish that resembles marble for a luxe finish. You don’t have to live with a tile color that you dislike, and you don’t have to invest money in a full tile replacement job.

Cost Effectiveness

Undergoing a tile refinishing project in Bucks County, PA, helps you save money while delivering the bathroom of your dreams. The cost of refreshing tile color and reglazing is much less than undergoing a full tile replacement, yet the finished work makes your bathroom look like it has got all-new tile. Meanwhile, your bathroom gets an update that helps improve the value of your home.

Start Planning Your Tile Reglazing Project Today

You don’t have to live with a bathroom that’s been outdated for decades any longer than you have to. Call us to find out more about our tile reglazing services that eliminate the need for an entire bathroom demolition. We can refinish your entire bathroom, including the fixtures, tiles, and grout color, and modernize its appearance.

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