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Frequently Asked Questions: Bath Tub Liners

Acrylic bathtub liners have truly become one of the most sought out bathroom renovation additions for many homes throughout North America. With their easy installation and inexpensive price tag, bath tub liners are able to give homeowners a custom form and affordability, many are choosing tub liners as their alternative to a costly tub replacement.

Since we tend to get asked a lot of questions on the subject, we’ve outlined some of the most common questions about our tub liners and installation services.

How long does installing one tubliner take?

The installation time for one tubliner is just one day! Compare that to the cost and time it would take to replace your existing tub or shower.

Are Liners Durable?

Our Liners are 100% American-made acrylic and is guaranteed to never fade, crack or peel. Maintenance is never an issue and cleaning is as easy as a quick wipe with a mild cleanser, which ensures a beautiful bath for the life of your home

Do I have to remove my old tub?

No. We will be fitting the new custom acrylic liner into your existing tub for a snug and perfect fit. With a 99.8% success rate, we offer over 1,500 tub styles for an exact fit. With our computer assisted software we ensure your bathtub liner is an ideal match to your existing tub.

Will my plumbing be affected?

During installation, if you have a local water shut-off we will utilize this to allow the rest of your home to maintain normal water pressure. If there is no local shut-off valve for your bath area, your home water may be off for a few hours during the installation.

Can you repair water damage on my bath walls during the installation?

Yes. We can repair drywall damage as needed. A cost estimate will be based on the total area needing to be repaired.

Will I be able to use my tub the same day?

We recommend not using the new bathtub until the next day to allow proper sealing of all areas in the installation.

For more information about bath tub liners in Pennsylvania and Florida, contact One Day Bath today!

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