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Make Your Bathroom Great Again With Tile Reglazing

Tub and tile re-glazing is a fantastic solution for homeowners in Pennsylvania and Florida. With an inexpensive price tag, tub and tile re-glazing can turn an old bath tub into a brand new creation in just one treatment.

Tiles are reglazed by applying an acid etch to remove the shine, at which point they chemically clean the surface to remove any grease or debris. They they’ll spray three or four coats of glossy enamel over the tile or sub surface.

The sheen on the tub is really important because it is going to determine how much it shines in the light and how strong it will be for years to come. The light in the bathroom is going to hit the tub at a certain angle, and you need to put on a sheen that you are comfortable with. A bright sheen is going to be almost blinding, but it is going to look perfectly clean. A matte finish is going to absorb more of the light, and it is going to look almost vintage. You get to decide when you start shining the surface.

You can do a tub and tile reglazing as many times as you wish over the years but reglazing can also last for more than 15 years on its own. But, if you like change, you can also option to have the color changed as frequently (or infrequently) as you’d like.

For more information about tub or tile reglazing in Pennsylvania and Florida contact One Day Bath today!

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