Bathtub & Tile Reglazing Facts

Here are a few things you should know about reglazing, when applied correctly by professionals with professional materials, It’s an extraordinary process. It is the most economical way to revitalize your bath and it will give you the look of a brand new bath without the mess of a costly renovation & you save up to 90% of replacement cost with minimal downtime typically just 24 Hours. Reglazing your tub and or tiles is a great solution, but it is not a permanent solution a properly reglazed surface in a household of four will give you a good five to seven years at which point you may want to have it reglazed again.

Some of our customers reglaze their fixtures every 6 to 7 years or some use our service to spruce up the bathroom before a “sale” or to hold off that renovation until the budget can handle it. With that stated there are many claims about reglazing which just are not true and you should be aware of. We will start with words like “liquid Porcelain”, “Synthetic Porcelain” “baking Systems” all are false claims and misleading words to use. Then there are the, 7,10 & 20 Year guarantees this must be the biggest false claims out there, If you can’t buy a brand new tub with a 10 YR warranty a reglazed surface will not out perform a brand new tub. The Words “Reglazing, Refinishing resurfacing “, Reglaze & “Glazing” are all the same thing , simply put reglazing is a process In which we apply a new coating “paint” over the existing surface.

There are two types of service you can run into when reglazing a tub some use a local paint from hardware store. This typically will last 6mths to 1 year if you are lucky you will know these guys by their pricing of $199, $250/$300.00 You cannot use a professional material and pay a seasoned technician and insurance ETC at those prices it is impossible, the pricing maybe tempting but BUYER BEWARE. Most folks who shop around for pricing will get exactly what they pay for i can guarantee you. Then there are professional coatings sold by manufactures throughout the country like Munro Products, and many others, you have the best chances of achieving the proper adhesion’s and look and feel of a new bath. An experienced technician utilizing professional material is what gives you longevity & truly a professional look and feel and with ODB we can provide this. With over 15 years experience in the industry we give you the best experience possible. We like to educate the consumer about these products there is no magical wand here or some secret process that’s out there if there were we would use it, as you look thru the internet there are so many stories and false claims, reglazing is what it is you just have to sort out all the non sense I hope all these facts help you.

Top 10 Reasons Why Our Bathtub Refinishing Beats the Competitor

1. Most refinishers use the wrong etching products or none at all.
Answer: We use micro etching systems for stronger bond ability.

2. Most refinishers do not clean bathtub surfaces correctly.
Answer: We use special high-grade cleaning solvents.

3. Most refinishers do not remove ceramic etching-scale during preparation.
Answer: We commercially de-scale all bathtub surfaces after etching.

4. Most refinishers do not recognize acid resistant surfaces.
Answer: We use a special pre-prime adhesive on all acid-resistant surfaces.

5. Most refinishers use the wrong bonding agent on iron-oxide finishes.
Answer: We use a highly formulated seal-coat to help bond iron-oxide surfaces.

6. Most refinishers do not use the proper adhesive to prepare for refinishing.
Answer: We use low build ceramic-substrate primer adhesives.

7. Most refinishers over or under dry their top coat finishes.
Answer: We use high quality adjustable air flow drying systems.

8. Most refinishers damage the polymers in the coating by using poor solvent.
Answer: We use ultra-pure top coat reducer for our finishes.

9. Most refinishers use home-grown off the counter inferior systems.
Answer: ShurBond® Refinishing Systems are designed for bathroom Refinishing.

10. Most refinishers do not mix their top coat properly.
Answer: ShurBond® Coating Systems are regulated by the Manufacture specification and solids are carefully monitored for Quality control.

Note: Many over the counter systems (home-grown) that our competitors are USING really are Not designed for hotel or residential bathroom & kitchen refinishing work. Many of these Companies destroy the natural qualities of their products by over drying & using excessive Amounts of solvent & fillers to speed the drying times.

View before and after photos of our tub & tile reglazing projects.


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