5 Way Modernize Your Bathtub

5 Way Modernize Your Bathtub

Do you use your bathtub or avoid it because it’s in desperate need of a makeover? Replacing old caulk and upgrading fixtures are cheap ways to make your tub more inviting. If you crave an even bigger change that won’t take up too much of your time, consider the benefits of installing an acrylic bath liner in Philadelphia. Additionally, you can follow these tips to modernize your bathtub!

Replace Old Caulk

The new caulk looks white, clean, and beautiful — but it doesn’t stay that way. Over time, it turns yellow due to age and may even attract mold (Ew!). Remove old caulk periodically by scraping it out and applying pristine new caulk. When removing caulk, make sure there are no bumps that will mar the appearance of your DIY bathtub improvement. How do you apply caulk? Squeeze it along the gaps, then use a gloved hand to create a smooth line and remove the excess.

Upgrade Fixtures

If you don’t remember the last time you changed your tub and shower fixtures, it’s probably time to do so. Consider adding a rain shower head and lovely handles for the hot and cold water. Many reputable brands make affordable fixtures in numbers finishes and styles.

Install a Unique Backsplash

Who says backslashes only go with sinks? From patterned tiles to clean acrylic or metal materials, there are many ways to stylishly contain your bathwater. A backsplash helps prevent damage to your walls and other structures. So, boldly choose a backsplash with the class to achieve your favorite contemporary or traditional look.

Reglaze or Resurface Your Tub

Reglazing your tub can save you the time and expense of demolishing your old tub and installing a new one. If the plumbing in your bathroom is still good, and you aren’t ready for a renovation, consider reglazing your tub. By repairing the scratches, chips, and cracks, this alternative leaves you with an updated tub. Another alternative involves covering your outdated tub with an acrylic bath liner in Philadelphia. Either one of these options delivers a clean and gorgeous bathtub you will enjoy for years to come. You can also reglaze your bathroom tile in Philadelphia for an even more dramatic update.

Add Decorative Touches

Add no-smoke candles or faux or live plants to turn your bathtub into an oasis. Choose decorative containers to store brushes, bath gels, and aromatherapy ingredients to create a positive space you can retreat to at the end of the day.

Contact A Professional Bathtub Reglazing Company

Are you ready to modernize your bathtub on a budget? You don’t have to tear your bathroom apart to get dramatic results. Turn to the experts for the best results by making an appointment at One Day Bath today.

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