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Make your bathroom shower or tub look as if it were brand new again with our revitalizing shower and bathtub liners in Philadelphia PA. These acrylic sheets are simply capable of being installed right over your current steel or cast iron tub, so there is no serious mess involved! With over 1,500 tub styles to choose from that can be custom fitted, we can find the absolute perfect liner for you that can suite your bathroom.

Our bathroom contractors make customer satisfaction as a priority, which is why we managed to maintain a 99.8% success rate with our shower and tub fittings! By keeping the project clean and simple, the entire project may only take up to one day! This means that by getting shower and bathtub liners in Philadelphia PA, you will be able to enjoy your new tub within just 1-2 days!

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Some of the greatest benefits about having an acrylic bathtub liner installed is that it is not only beautiful, but so easy to clean. The material itself is non-porous and the lifetime of it is guaranteed not to crack, dent or chip under typical uses. So overall this is not only a great and cheaper alternative compared to having a new bathtub installed, but a wise investment too!

At One Day Bath we specialize in more than just shower and bathtub liners in Philadelphia PA, but a large variety of other bathroom remodeling services. Our contractors offer tub to shower conversions, tile refinishing, Tub Cuts, reglazing tub, bathtub resurfacing, tub and tile reglazing throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition to these services, we also provide a variety of shower options and additions, such as shower seats, shelves and racks.

Please check your local government website for any rules and/or regulations regarding bathroom remodeling and renovation. The Location Municipal Offices can be found here. The contact information on the site can be used for contacting your township’s officials regarding any questions about necessary steps for any home renovations.

Or call (866) 927-8247 to get more information or to schedule a free consultation for your shower and bathtub liners in Philadelphia PA. Be sure to check out our bathroom remodeling special offers to get a discount!

Our Bathtub Fitters are Made with Top Quality Acrylic Material

At One Day Bath, we only choose the toughest and most durable acrylic bathtub cover plastic for our bathtub fitters to ensure that they will stand up to the wear and tear of constant use. Bathroom tub wall liners are not only long lasting and strong, they are also really simple to take care of. The low maintenance material is non-porous and grout-free, so it doesn’t harbor bacteria, mold, or mildew. That means no scouring or scrubbing is necessary to clean our bathtub fitters or bathtub overlays. Just a bit of cleanser or vinegar sprayed on a wet cloth can be used to wipe your bathtub liner clean.

As one of the best bathtub liner companies in the area, we also are proud to carry acrylic shells for bathtub fitters in all shapes and sizes, so we can guarantee that we will have one that fits your tub and shower perfectly. Our technicians at One Day Bath will swing by your PA home at an earlier date and take detailed measurements, so we install an acrylic bath liner that perfectly matches your tub, preventing any water from leaking. With so many models to choose from in Philadelphia, PA, your acrylic bathtub liner will be completely personalized to your taste and space.

Professional Bathroom Liner Company in Philadelphia

At One Day Bath, we are one of the top bathtub liner companies in the greater Philadelphia area. If your bathtub and shower area is starting to look a bit drab or dated, you have come to the right place for bathroom tub wall liners. After all, who says that you need to start a full-scale construction project for the sole purpose of updating your older bathtub? By using a bathtub liner, you can certainly avoid this fate, because bathroom liners fit right over and on top of your current tub! That means there is nothing to remove or replace, and a very minimal amount of cleanup.

When we install bathroom tub wall liners, we simply drain your tub of any standing water to ensure a tight fit, while also being careful to avoid trapping air and causing bubbles. We adhere the tub portion to your current tub, and then bring the wall part in off the truck. This portion is seamless, so water will never leak behind the wall, and it can be installed fast and easily. Before we place the new wall, however, we will check the current wall for any breaks or holes that require repair. Once the wall is complete and the epoxy dries, you should be able to use your new acrylic bath liner within 24 hours. It doesn’t get much simpler for our Philadelphia, PA customers than that!

So, consider a tub liner in Lehigh Valley, PA from One Day Bath for your aging bathroom. Our PA contractors install bathtub fitters and all types of bathtub overlays quickly and efficiently, and, unlike other shower and bathtub remodels, our bathtub fitter installation is much more economical. If you are in the PA area and may be interested in bathtub fitters or liners, and researching bathtub liner companies, come down to our greater Philadelphia, PA showroom to learn more about this amazing technology. You can also give us a call or contact us online. We are always available to take your questions and address your concerns about bathroom tub wall liners. And, if you don’t believe you need a bathtub liner, don’t forget to ask us about bathtub refinishing in Philadelphia!

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