What Are The Benefits Of Tub Reglazing

What Are The Benefits of Tub Reglazing

Does spending lots of money to replace your old, worn-out bathtub make you nervous? Well, worry no more! Tub reglazing is an affordable way to give your bathtub a fresh look without breaking the bank. It doesn’t matter where you live, we can provide you with all you need to know about reglazing your tub.

Freshen Your Tub 

One of the benefits of tub reglazing is it removes stains, fills in chips, a gives the tub a spotless appearance. In addition, reglazing a tube will remove rust areas and avert additional disintegration, restoring its former luster. Reglazing is proven to be significantly lower in cost than replacement. You will extend the life of a tub by approximately ten to fifteen years when you have a reglazing job done. A professional tub reglazing takes away any concerns about how to mix special mixtures of coatings when doing it yourself. The professional technician does all the cleaning, sanding, and polishing following the reglazing process. Reglazing your tub instead of replacing it with a new one eliminates the need for a lot of plumbing work. Which can lead to adverse results, such as damage to the pipes or flooring. In addition, besides the extra cost of tub replacement, you will be forced to do without your tub for a week or longer.

Tub Reglazing Cost

Regarding reglazing your bathtub, the cost can vary depending on a few factors. The size and condition of your tub play a huge role in price determination. One thing to remember is reglazing may seem like an expensive option compared to buying a new bathtub, but it’s essential to consider all of the benefits. Reglazing saves money and extends the life of your existing tub, you avert filling up the landfills with old bathtubs. In addition, financing options are available for those who need assistance paying for reglazing services. Financial assistance permits customers to make payments over time which makes the cost more manageable. While there may be some upfront costs associated with tub reglazing, there are numerous benefits making it worthwhile. If you are seeking a way to give your bathroom a fresh new look, consider tub reglazing.

Contact Us For All Your Tub-Reglazing Needs

When you want to give your old, worn-out bathtub a new look, tub reglazing is the efficient, low-cost way to do it. Tub reglazing is the more cost-effective option. With proper care and maintenance, it is guaranteed to last several years. Contact the professionals who specialize in tile reglazing in Philadelphia or bathtub refinishing in Allentown, PA. Call One Day Bath today at 866-915-7407. We have the expertise to ensure your bathroom looks fantastic at an affordable price!
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