The bathroom is easily the most used room in the house, and finding a place for everything can feel like a chore in itself. Disorganization can make your bathroom look messy and unpleasant, especially if you don’t have a large bathroom. Here are some bathroom storage tips to help keep you stay organized and contain your clutter. 

Contain the Clutter

Baskets, bins, and other organizers can easily be used to help declutter and organize the majority of bathroom clutter. Bins, trays and similar organizers are great for storing beauty supplies and toiletries like lotions, ointments, deodorants. Similarly, decorative baskets can be used to store neatly folded towels, keeping them clean and out of the way.

Tame the Drawers

Not only does an organized drawer make it easier to find stuff, but it can also give you a lot more space to store stuff. The best way to tame your drawers is to use an organizer tray to help contain items like brushes, combs, contacts, and similar items. This keeps them organized and visible in the drawer.

Use Add-ons

An easy way to add more storage space to your bathroom is to install overhead shelving and hooks on otherwise unutilized wall space. Overhead shelves can be utilized to organize items like cleaning supplies and extra towels. Hooks can also be used to keep robes and towels off the floor and hair dryers and straighteners off the counter. For extra storage space with a smaller footprint, stackable organizer cubes can be used to organize just about everything.

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