Signs it’s Time to Transform Your Bathroom

Life circumstances can change and making updates to your bathroom may be necessary. Here are some signs that it is time to transform your bathroom into a new space.

Outdated bathroom

Upgrade your bathroom with a new shower and new fixtures. Simply changing the style of the bathroom can also make a lasting impression. Swapping out your old mirror for a new one is also a budget-friendly option to freshen up a space.


Improve the functionality of your bathroom by converting your old tub into a walk-in shower with One Day Bath’s “Tub Cut” which will increase mobility in the bathroom. You can also consider having grab bars installed in the shower and near the toilet. Adding organizational facilities, such as shelves and cabinets can relieve the stress of clutter, whereas small storage accessories like baskets and hooks are simple ways to create order. For your own peace of mind, it is important to make sure the layout of your bathroom is conducive to the way you use it.

Empty Nest

If your kids are grown and have long left the home, you might want to upgrade your bathroom to suit a quieter and more individualistic lifestyle. It could be time to treat yourself and have that bath you always dreamed of.

Putting House on the Market

If you are considering selling your home, make it more appealing for the next person who is considering moving in. Newly remodeled Master Baths increase the home resale price by 60%. Converting your old tub into a shower is easily reversible with One Day Bath’s technology.

At One Day Bath, we specialize in tub modifications, bathtub and tile reglazing, bath liners and more bathroom services. For more information, call us today at (877) 656-7875.

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