Bathtub Reglazing in Newark, NJ

It may seem like a complicated endeavor, but bathtub reglazing is a quick and simple process as compared to a complete remodel or replacement. In order to reglaze your bathtub and its adjacent tiles, we don’t need to remove or rearrange anything in your bathroom. That means there will be minimal mess to clean up and little down time overall.

This quick fix is the low cost to you, our valued customer. Instead of pulling down tiles and ripping out your bathtub, we are simply working with what you already have and restoring it to its showroom finish. That’s right. We wouldn’t be replacing anything except the dreary, aging finish of your older bathtub.

The Best Bathtub Refinishing Company in Newark, NJ

As your go-to bathtub refinishing company in greater Newark, NJ, One Day Bath uses only the best materials to prepare your surfaces and to get your bathtub back to appearing at its peak shininess. We will rejuvenate your tub within four hours, restoring the sparkle it had on the day of installation.

So, what is it that we do? We repair all chips, cracks, and scratches on the surface of your tub, then reglaze the surface to even it out and restore its shine. We work on all surfaces, including ceramics, porcelain, acrylic, and even fiberglass!

You will feel confident turning your bathroom remodel over to our fully licensed and insured contractors at One Day Bath. We offer free quotes on bathtub reglazing and tile resurfacing to all of our potential new customers before any work begins!

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Save Money & Time by Reglazing Your Tile Floor

Reglazing your tile floor in Newark, NJ is so much easier, faster, and more economical than replacing old, faded, or cracked ceramic tiles. The time it takes to prepare, repair, and refinish tiles is minimal compared to breaking down your current floor and replacing it one tile at a time.

Tile reglazing is far more affordable than a full replacement. The tile reglazing process only takes a few hours, as we only apply a durable finish to your newly restored tiles. We have methods to repair chips, scratches, and gouges, and then we apply a lustrous finish to the tops of your tiles.

So, if you are interested in bathtub reglazing and tile refinishing to restore your bathroom’s sparkle, stop by and see us at One Day Bath! We’d be more than happy to help you restore your bathroom back to its former glory with tub resurfacing and tile reglazing! And, if you feel your bathtub is beyond redemption, try one of our bathtub fitters in Newark, NJ.

Bathtub reglazing in Newark, NJ


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