Bathtub & Shower Liners in Newark, NJ

If you have had your bathtub and shower for a bit longer than you are willing to admit, it may be starting to look a bit dingy. It may be time for a bathroom remodel! With One Day Bath, you can remodel your old bathtub without the need for a full-on construction project. With our bathtub fitters, we can simply slip the bathtub fitter right over your existing tub. That means no ripping out the tub and pulling the tiles off the walls. What you get is a complete bathtub remodel without the need for anything to be removed or replaced when you get bathtub liners installed.

The strong acrylic shells of our bathtub fitters are made to last and are very durable. They are fitted to perfection because we take careful measurements in advance to ensure that there will never be any water leakage. And, with so many models to choose from, there is guaranteed to be a bathtub liner that fits your tub to a tee, or they can be customized to fit.

Bathtub fitters in Newark, NJ

Another major advantage to installing a bathtub liner is just how easy it is to care for. It will be grout-free and made from non-porous acrylic, so it’s not known to grow mildew, bacteria, or fungi. That means you will never need to scrub the surface to clean it. You just have to wipe it with a wet cloth and a mild cleanser.

We Install Custom Bathtub Fitters in Newark, NJ

Our expert bathtub fitter technicians at One Day Bath handle your installation quickly and efficiently. We are considered the best bathtub fitters in the greater NJ area, and our skilled installers have many years of quality experience installing durable bathtub liners.

When you order bathtub liners and shower liners from us, we will stop by and measure your tub and your entire bathroom. We then find the acrylic shell best for you or customize one for you. The bathtub liner will be in two pieces, on the truck, ready to install. We’ll repair any holes or irregularities in your wall, then place your tub overlay over your existing tub, and install the seamless wall last.

Bathtub Overlays Fit Right Over Your Existing Tub!

The best thing about installing bathtub overlays in Newark, NJ is getting to use your new bathtub within the first 24 hours of its installation. Since there is nothing to remove, replace, or clean up, the installation team leaves within a few hours, and once the adhesive is dry, the tub is yours to enjoy.

So, if you are looking for a quick way to redesign your old bathtub, look no further than One Day Bath, the top installer of bathtub fitters and shower liners in the Newark, NJ area. Stop by our showroom to learn more about the ways in which a bathtub liner can brighten up an aging or dated bathroom. And, if you would rather refinish your current tub than get a bathtub acrylic liner, ask us about our bathtub reglazing in Newark, NJ!

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