Walk-In Tubs & Showers in Newark, NJ

If you or a loved one struggle with mobility, and you fear getting in and out of the shower due to the possibility of tripping over the tall walls of your bathtub, you are not alone. However, fortunately, due to new innovations and technologies, you, too, can safely bathe without the innate fear of sustaining an injury from tripping and falling.

With a walk-in shower or bathtub from One Day Bath, we provide the accessibility you need to maintain your independence and still bathe with confidence. With a slip-resistant, walk-in shower stall, a tub cut, or a walk-in bathtub, you can be sure that you or your loved one is safe and secure. This is because, at One Day Bath, you will find that our Newark, NJ walk-in showers have a very low threshold that is easy to maneuver around.

Our walk in tubs are compact and easy to install. They fit into even the tightest of bathrooms, since they are custom made for each customer. At One Day Bath, there is never a “one size fits all” mentality. We help you choose the right design and shape for your amount of space, your personal needs, and your unique style. So, you will never have to compromise your safety or freedom to choose a walk-in shower due to space restrictions.

Another great feature of any of our acrylic walk-in showers is just how simple they are to clean. You will never need to purchase any special products since there is no grout to scrub and mildew doesn’t really form on the smooth, durable material.

Our Tub to Shower Conversions are Quick, Easy, & Affordable

A tub to shower conversion is much more affordable and convenient than most potential customers realize. We can simply remove your unused bathtub and replace it with a slim shower stall that takes up less than 75% of the floor space.

Whether you choose a shower replacement for your bathtub or a tub cut tub to shower conversion, you can be sure that our Newark, NJ technicians at One Day Bath will take less than one day. You’ll enjoy a safer alternative to your dangerous, high-walled bathtub, with or without the need for bathtub replacement.

Tub to shower conversion in Newark, NJ
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Is it Difficult Getting In & Out of your Bathtub? The Tubcut can Help!

When you ask for a tub cut out from us at One Day Bath, you will be making a responsible choice for you and the ones that you love that may have mobility issues. A tub to shower conversion in Cherry Hill, NJ is just what it sounds like. It is the removal of a panel from the bathtub wall that provides a flat surface for you to safely walk through in order to take a shower. We typically remove a piece that is approximately 24 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep for typical tubs that range from 14 to 17 inches high.

So, if you are interested in a walk-in shower in Marlton, NJ, a tub cut, or any other tub to shower conversion in Newark, NJ, give us a call at One Day Bath. We always offer our customers a free quote and we will meet with you to assess your needs and see the amount of space you have. So, stop by our showroom near Newark, NJ today to find out more about tub conversion.

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