Tub To Shower Conversion in NJ

By getting a tub to shower conversion in Camden NJ, you are not only saving money, but time too! Without the hassle and mess of a full shower installation, we can professionally install a shower tray quick enough where you can use your shower within one-two days. This is possible with our specially designed acrylic shower system, which gives your new shower a chic and modern design.

This walk in shower is barrier free and can make your bathroom much more easier to clean and maintain. By having a tub to shower conversion in Camden NJ, we will install a non-porous acrylic floor, which is durable, mold resistant and guaranteed never to peel, fade or crack! These characteristics give it a longer lasting value and beauty to your bathroom.

Tub to shower conversion in NJ
tub resurfacing and tile reglazing near Camden NJ

Each of our tub to shower conversion in Camden, NJ come with a warranty that is valid for as long as you own your home Being customized, your shower can perfectly fit into any given space too, so you do not have to worry about any huge renovations. Have our One Day Bath professional contractors provide you with a free estimate and help you get your luxurious walk in shower installed in no time!

At One Day Bath we specialize in more than just shower conversions, but a large variety of other bathroom remodeling services. Our contractors offer tub and tile reglazing, tile refinishing, TubcuT®, reglazing tub, bathtub resurfacing, bathtub liners and shower liners throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition to these services, we also provide a variety of shower options and additions, such as shower seats, shelves and racks.

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Tub & Tile Reglazing In Camden, NJ

Both bathtub and tile reglazing are quick and easy processes that are much simpler than remodeling an entire bathroom. However, the results can be just as amazing. With a minimal time investment, the cost-efficient process is nothing short of a facelift for your aging bathroom, without the mess or the hassle of a full renovation. Your bathtub and your tile walls and floors can remain intact because replacement is unnecessary. Instead, we use our own multi-step process to restore the tiles and your bathtub’s surface to their showroom finish.

Before After tubcut beforetubcut after

Tub Cuts In New Jersey

Have you heard of tub cuts? A tub cut is an innovative way to easily alter your existing bathtub into a safe-to-use, non-slip walk-in shower.

The process is simple. Our expert technicians will cut a panel from your existing bathtub, and a threshold is added so you can access the shower at nearly ground level, rather than having to step over the tub ledge. A tub cut out works regardless of the material your tub is made from.

Shower And Bathtub Liners In Cherry Hill, NJ

Maybe you still enjoy the occasional bath, but your tub is looking a bit outdated. You can easily update your bathtub at One Day Bath without kicking off a time-consuming construction project. That is because we are a major installer of shower and bathtub liners in the greater NJ area.

There will never be a need for ripping down your existing tub and rebuilding your bathroom. That is because our bathtub liners are composed of durable acrylic and fit right over your tub. Our installers will place a perfectly-fitted shell over your current tub and walls. We have nearly every size available and we will come by to take detailed measurements in advance. Sizing must be exact to prevent leakage.

Transform Your Existing Bath Into A Luxurious Shower

If you are the owner of a dated bathtub that you no longer use, why not remove it completely and replace it with a convenient walk-in shower? This will maximize the space in your bathroom while also providing an accessible and safe place for people of all abilities to cleanse if needed. A tub to shower conversion in Newark, NJ is easier than you think!

A Tub To Shower Remodel Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

A tub-to-shower conversion can be much quicker and simpler than most homeowners realize. Our knowledgeable contractors can convert an existing tub into a walk-in shower simply by removing a panel from the wall of the tub for easy access. Getting a bathtub cut out is fast becoming a very popular tub conversion option. That is because it is more efficient than any other bathtub replacement or shower remodel.

Before After tub to shower conversion beforetub to shower conversion after

Are You Looking For A Walk-In Shower Installer In Cherry Hill, NJ?

At One Day Bath, we pride ourselves on being the walk-in shower installation company that NJ trusts the most. Walk-in showers eliminate many accidents that result from the difficulty that some people experience getting in and out of their bathtubs daily to take showers. That is why having a walk-in shower installed for yourself or your loved one will give you some extra peace of mind. If you are considering a walk-in shower or a tub-to-shower conversion, and you are in the Cherry Hill, NJ area, give us a call at One Day Bath today to discuss your options.


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