Tub Cut Outs in Montgomery County, PA

At One Day Bath, we provide all citizens in the Montgomery County, PA area with the opportunity to bathe safely and independently. With our new tub cut system, elderly people and those struggling with disabilities are allowed more freedom to bathe independently without the fear of tripping over the steep edges of the bathtub and getting hurt.

Traditional bathtubs present a dangerous challenge every day for those living with mobility or balance limitations. The tub’s walls are difficult to climb over, so being able to use the shower without assistance can be a challenge. Tub cut outs allow us at One Day Bath to remove a piece of your bathtub’s wall to give you an opening that is low to the ground. This is a safer solution for you and any family members.

With a tub cut out in Plymouth Meeting, PA, you can maintain your independence and shower with ease just by having us convert your existing tub to a safer walk-in shower. And, the best thing about the tub cut in Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA, is that it is a quick tub to shower conversion that is affordable.

With our tub conversion kit, we create a threshold and framework around the tub cut out with a seamless, factory-fresh appearance.

The Best Tub to Shower Conversions in Plymouth Meeting, PA

You can convert your existing tub into a walk-in shower by simply removing it and having a slim, accessible shower stall installed instead. Not only is it a safer option for the elderly and those with disabilities, but a walk-in shower is also so much smaller than a traditional bathtub. It dramatically increases your floor space so you can add more storage if needed.

At One Day Bath, we are the experts in tub to shower conversion in the greater Montgomery County, PA area. We know that you want to open up the space in your bathroom, especially if you no longer use your bathtub. Or, you may be concerned about falling and getting hurt, or the safety of a beloved household member. At One Day Bath, by installing a brand new shower replacement, we want to provide you with a spacious bathroom that is accessible to everyone. Give us a call today to learn more about the services we provide.

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Our Tub Cuts Make it Easier & Safer to Get Out of your Bathtub

Getting in and out of your bathtub with ease in Plymouth Meeting, PA should be your first tub to shower conversion priority. And, with a tub cut by One Day Bath, you will rest easily knowing that you no longer need to risk losing your balance stepping over the high bathtub walls anymore. Without the danger of slipping and falling looming over your head each time you bathe, you and your family members can get some peace of mind with our shower replacement in King of Prussia, PA and greater Montgomery County, PA. So, stop by our showroom or call us today to learn more about our tub cut and walk-in shower installation services, with or without a bathtub replacement.

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