Tub to Shower Conversion in King of Prussia, PA

Have you ever considered converting your bathtub to a beautiful walk-in shower with a shower remodel? After a shower replacement, you will be surprised at just how much more space you will have in your bathroom!

Another great thing about installing a walk-in shower or tub conversion, such as a tub cut out, is accessibility. The high ledges of a bathtub can lead to accidents and injuries for those with limited mobility or balance. However, with a walk-in shower or a tub conversion in King of Prussia, PA, you can coast in and out of your shower, bathing with ease and peace of mind.

Are You Looking to Install a Walk-in Shower?

If you have any issues with mobility, it may be time to consider a walk-in shower in Plymouth Meeting, PA as a permanent solution. Each shower replacement at One Day Bath contains low level access and slip resistant flooring, making them some of the safest on the market for people of all accessibility needs. We also install shower chairs, rails, and other safety equipment as necessary.

At One Day Bath, our King of Prussia, PA shower stalls are also simple to clean, usually requiring nothing more than cleanser and a wet cloth to wipe them down periodically. No specific cleanser is required.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, we have the perfect walk-in shower for you. Every shower replacement stall is custom built, which means we will construct a shower that is just right for your space, needs, and personal style. After all, many bathrooms come in strange shapes or have minimal space, but we can work with exactly what you have to create a walk-in shower that compliments your bathroom space accordingly.

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Tub Cuts are an Affordable & Safe Option for Seniors

A bathtub cut out in King of Prussia, PA is a wonderful shower replacement option for seniors or people with arthritis or physical disabilities. The tub-to-shower conversion process turns your existing bathtub into a walk-in shower simply by removing a panel from the high wall of the tub for easy and safe access. By using the tub-cut bathtub cut-out system, you can turn a dangerous tub into a walk-in shower without the need for ripping out the tub and installing a shower stall.

The shower remodel is not only easy and completed in one day, but a tub cut tub to shower conversion is much more affordable than a complete bathroom remodel or bathtub replacement. At One Day Bath, our installers are certified in tub cut technology, so you know that you will have an easier, step-through shower at your fingertips within a few hours of our visit! So, give us a call or stop by our showroom today to learn more about our amazing tub cut bathtub cutouts and our vast variety of custom walk-in showers, as well as all of our other tub-to-shower conversion services in King of Prussia, PA!

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