Tub To Shower Conversion In Bethlehem, PA

By getting a tub to shower conversion in Bethlehem PA, you are not only saving money, but time too! Without the hassle and mess of a full shower installation, we can professionally install a shower tray quick enough where you can use your shower within one-two days. This is possible with our specially designed acrylic shower system, which gives your new shower a chic and modern design.

This walk in shower is barrier free and can make your bathroom much more easier to clean and maintain. By having a tub to shower conversion in Bethlehem PA, we will install a non-porous acrylic floor, which is durable, mold resistant and guaranteed never to peel, fade or crack! These characteristics give it a longer lasting value and beauty to your bathroom.

Tub to shower conversion in Easton, PA
Walk-in shower installation in Bethlehem, PA

Each of our tub to shower conversion in Bethlehem, PA come with a warranty that is valid for as long as you own your home Being customized, your shower can perfectly fit into any given space too, so you do not have to worry about any huge renovations. Have our One Day Bath professional contractors provide you with a free estimate and help you get your luxurious walk in shower installed in no time!

At One Day Bath we specialize in more than just shower conversions, but a large variety of other bathroom remodeling services. Our contractors offer tub and tile reglazing, tile refinishing, TubcuT®, reglazing tub, bathtub resurfacing, bathtub liners and shower liners throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition to these services, we also provide a variety of shower options and additions, such as shower seats, shelves and racks.

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Tub & Tile Reglazing in Bethlehem, PA

You may think that it will require an entire bathroom renovation to get your tile floors and walls and your bathtub in pristine condition once again. After all, if they are faded, cracked, or scratched, there is no way to restore their sparkle, right? Well, if you are still happy with the actual style of your tub and tiles, there is no need to replace them!
Reglazing is a restorative process in Easton, PA that uses different chemicals and finishes to reproduce the brilliant glow that both your tiles and bathtub had when they were installed. It is an affordable alternative to major bathroom renovations that is also quick, resulting in little downtime for you and your loved ones.

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Tub Cuts in Bethlehem, PA

A tub cut-out is a new technology for tub to shower conversion in Wilkes Barre, PA that quickly allows us to convert any old-fashioned bathtub into an accessible and safe walk-in shower for those with limited mobility. Our simple bathtub cut-out process is quick and efficient. The process includes removing a cut from your current bathtub to create an accessible entrance. The tub-to-shower conversion process is quick, resulting in a little downtime. A tub cut is much more economical than similar tub conversion options, like a bathtub replacement or a shower remodel.

Shower & Bathtub Liners in Bethlehem, PA

We have a wide selection of acrylic shower and bathtub liners for your bathroom. These convenient shells fit over your existing tub and shower area, so there is no need for a messy, multi-day renovation. Instead, your dated, chipped, or scratched tub and the adjoining walls will easily be replaced without the need for anything to be removed.

At One Day Bath, we are sure to take accurate measurements ahead of time to guarantee you a liner that fits perfectly, preventing water from leaking. The tough material resists wear and tear, is long-lasting, and, as a non-porous surface, is unlikely to accumulate mildew or mold. It is also easy to clean because no scrubbing is ever necessary.

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Walk-in Shower Installer in Easton, PA

One Day Bath is known as the top walk-in shower installer in the greater Easton, PA area. We offer walk-in showers that are safe and affordable, so you will no longer need to worry about a loved one or yourself slipping in the tub. We install all types of walk-in showers, in different sizes, and styles, and with heads of all heights and shapes. Our walk-in showers are so versatile that you are guaranteed to find one that fits both your space and budget, so call us at One Day Bath to learn more about tub-to-shower conversion today!

Benefits of Converting your Tub to a Shower

By converting your bath to shower in Bethlehem, PA, you are increasing your safety by eliminating the need to step over a tall ledge in order to bathe. You are also creating a much more open feeling in your bathroom by opening up the space, since walk-in showers take up much less room than a traditional tub. In addition, you are making your home safer for anyone staying with you that may have a disability. For these reasons and many more, it makes sense to replace your tub with a walk-in shower. For more details about tub to shower conversion, stop by our showroom at One Day Bath with your questions!


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