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Tub to Shower Conversion in Dallas, PA

At One Day Bath, our tub cut out specialists allow you to transform your Wilkes Barre, PA bathroom into a safe place for you or your loved ones to bathe without worry. A tub cut is a process where a panel is removed from the wall of your current bathtub so you can easily walk through instead of lifting your legs over the tall ledges of the tub. This creates a quick and inexpensive alternative to any traditional walk-in shower installation or bathtub replacement!

The process is so simple and guaranteed to work, no matter what material your tub is crafted from. This includes cast iron and steel. Our tub to shower conversion technicians will create the step-through portion by removing a panel from the tub, allowing it to be flesh with the floor. The installers will then use their bathtub conversion kit to add a threshold over the slot for safety. Everything will be measured on site, so you can be sure that you will have a custom fit frame around your desired opening, giving your bathtub cut out a factory-like finish after our tub to shower conversion services are completed.

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Walk-in Shower Installation Experts in Dallas, PA

A walk-in shower conversion is a great idea if you are tired of staring at a dated and dangerous tub. They are also much more accessible for those with mobility issues, such as those with disabilities or the elderly. And, walk-in showers are also highly customizable, so you can choose the height of your shower head, the width of your stall, the hardware and fixtures, the door, and even the material that your shower is composed of.

Another important factor to consider with tub to shower conversion is cost. Depending on the functionality and design that you choose, walk-in showers are still much more affordable than a replacement bathtub or another traditional bathtub/shower combo. Replacing a tub that you no longer use with a walk-in shower from One Day Bath in Dallas, PA is a great way to save money on a quick shower remodel.

Walk-in Showers Provide More Space & Are Easy to Clean

In some cases, a shower stall without a bathtub takes up only about a quarter of the floor space in a given bathroom, while a bathtub can easily claim up to one third. That is why replacing a clunky bathtub with a handy walk-in shower can give you an amazing amount of space back in your bathroom in Wilkes Barre, PA. After a walk-in shower conversion, that space can be used to purchase a larger vanity, or to install cabinets and shelves to increase your current amount of storage.
A shower stall rarely exceeds nine square feet, while most tubs are around 13 square feet. If you have an average bathroom of approximately 40 square feet, you will be glad to get that space back for something useful with a walk-in shower conversion.

Cleaning a walk-in shower in Dallas, PA is also a breeze. Because they are smaller and are not really subject to standing water, they usually don’t require more than a wet cloth with a bit of cleanser. If you have an acrylic shower, you don’t need to concern yourself with mildew, since the material is non-porous.
With a tiled shower in Wilkes Barre, PA, you can use a solution that is one part bleach and two parts water to loosen any noticeable grime from the grout. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it with water. Only use soft sponges on the walls and floor, as well, so you don’t scratch the ceramic tiles.

If you are interested in a low-maintenance, low-cost, accessible walk-in shower, give us a call today at One Day Bath to learn more about tub conversion in Lehigh Valley, PA and Dallas, PA, including walk-in shower installations, the tub cut, and other options for tub to shower conversion. Our tub to shower conversion services come highly recommended in the greater Wilkes Barre, PA area.

Walk-in shower conversion in Dallas, PA


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