Bathrooms are a central part of our lives, but we often don’t treat them like other rooms. Many people allow their bathrooms to stay the same, even when they renovate their living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas of the house. At One Day Bath we firmly believe that the bathroom should be the room MOST frequently renovated and updated, especially as you age and your personal care habits change. We’ve identified a few key signs that you might want to consider remodeling your bathroom. 

A noticeable change in water color or consistency

This can be tricky to spot, since pipes rust and erode very gradually over time, but you should try to pay attention to your water. If you notice a change, it is likely time to seriously update your bathroom plumbing at the very least. This is most detectable when running a bath, since the water has time to collect in the basin for closer examination.

Cracking or eroding porcelain and caulk

Many folks are apprehensive to update their bathtubs and showers, even when signs of wear begin to manifest. While it is understandable to not want to forgo your familiar creature comforts for a few days, evidence of damage means mold and mildew are close behind. It is imperative that you get cracks or breaks in your bathroom appliances repaired immediately, especially if you live with older people who use that bathroom as well. Mold can be extremely dangerous for those with weaker respiratory systems.

Your house’s occupants outgrow the bathroom

Especially if you have a bathroom in the house that many different people use, it’s important to consider the size of the bathroom when new housemates come about. Having a particularly small bathroom with multiple regular users will result in significantly more wear on all the components of the bathroom. Consider contacting One Day Bath about enlarging or adding another bathroom if you plan on gaining a new housemate.

The decor is outdated

The bathroom is often the last room to get considered for a makeover. Despite this, most house guests will see the bathroom at least once during any given visit, so it will definitely make an impression. Call One Day Bath at (877) 656-7875 or contact us online and let us help you make it a positive one.

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