Bathtub Fitters & Overlays in Lehigh Valley, PA

Did you know that even the quickest bathroom renovation can still take up to 48 hours? That means a whole two days without the use of the bathroom, and with the chaos of contractors coming in and out of your Allentown, PA home, making it difficult to relax peacefully.

However, if you instead install bathtub overlays, such as a bathtub cover liner, you will get the benefit of enjoying your new bathroom in less than a day’s time. Bathroom remodelers can get the job done quickly because there is no removal of your old tub or the surrounding walls. Bathtub overlays, as their name implies, fit snugly over your old bathtub.

Bathtub fitters in Lehigh Valley, PA

At One Day Bath, the bathtub fitter process in Lehigh Valley, PA is both quick and easy. We simply come in to take measurements and then install your bathtub fitter seamlessly. Our Allentown, PA technicians hastily repair any wall issues and then install your new bathroom liner over your tub and the adjoining walls.

You will save a tremendous amount of money by choosing bathtub overlays by One Day Bath. Tearing out an entire tub and shower, along with the adjacent walls, can take at least a full week, if not longer. With our Allentown, PA bathtub fitter technology, your acrylic bath liner will leave your bathroom both beautiful and functional in as few as 24 hours!

Save Time & Money by Installing an Acrylic Bath Liner

Are you tired of your dilapidated bathtub in Lehigh Valley, PA, or are you simply sick of its dated design? Well, One Day Bath knows exactly how you feel. You may be stuck staring at a bathtub that you really wish to replace, but you don’t have the money to spend on an expensive shower replacement or a bath replacement. Installing a bathroom liner is the answer. A bathroom liner allows you to save time and money on a bathroom facelift. Not only is a tub liner remodel extremely affordable, these shower liners can also be installed in just one day!

Why Choose a Bathtub Liner?

  • Save money on remodeling costs
  • Quick installation process
  • Durable & easy to clean
  • No tub removal
  • & More

Our Bathtub Liners will Never Fade, Crack, or Peel

Acrylic, which is what each bathroom liner is made from, is incredibly durable and long lasting compared to other materials. Ceramics and plastics are known to crack and peel, leaking water everywhere and exposing you to dangerous chemicals. And, they are also much more likely to show the signs of old age, being especially vulnerable to scratches and fading. Conversely, our bathtub fitters are tough and made to last. To learn more about our tub liner products and our process, give us a call for a free estimate on any acrylic bath liner and our professional installation.

If you are looking for a durable tub liner in Allentown, PA that is built to last but is easy on your wallet, look no further than a One Day Bath bathroom liner. Our bathtub fitters in Philadelphia, PA are extremely high quality. We work quickly and efficiently to provide you with the bathroom you long for in record-setting time. To find out more about durable shower liners, give us a call or stop by our greater Lehigh Valley, PA showroom today!

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