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5 Quick Tips To Improve the Safety of Your Bathroom

It should come at absolutely no surprise that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms of your home, since more slip and falls occur there than in any other room of the house. Statistically, one in five falls in senior citizens results in serious injury.

Here are a five quick tips to improve the safety of your bathrooms.

1. Get rid of your rugs.

While rugs can look like an attract accent they can also be the cause of slips and trips in the bathroom. Instead, look into nonslip strips or mats that add style and function.

2. Make sure there’s enough lighting.

Being able to see is kind of a big deal and having easy access to the light switch can come in handy, especially during the night. Adding nightlights in the hallways leading to the bathroom and even inside can help you or other loved ones trying to navigate in the dark.

3. Keep the bathroom floor dry.

This may sound simple but between sinks and showers bathroom floors tend to be more wet than other rooms of the house. For this reason they can also be incredibly slippery. Keeping your bathroom floors dry is an easy way of giving you and your loved ones a bit more friction.

4. Install safety grab bars.

Grab bars are an easy, inexpensive solution for those that struggle in the shower or tub. Having them properly installed is also key because if not, the bars won’t be able to support enough weight.

5. Consider a tub to shower conversion.

Tub to shower conversions are a perfect solution for older adults aging in place. Using an existing tub, a professional can easily convert the tub into a walk in shower.

For more information about bathroom safety, grab bars, or tub to shower conversions, contact One Day Bath today!

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