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At One Day Bath, we are known as one of the top bath remodeling companies in Lancaster, PA, because our services include refinishing tiles and reglazing bathtubs to replacing any tub with a walk-in shower. Another tub to shower conversion we do is the tub cut model, where we simply make a cut out in the wall of the tub to give it a large enough opening to safely walk though. This shower remodel is much safer than scaling your bathtub to get in, especially for those with mobility issues.

We Specialize in Tub to Shower Conversions

When it comes to tub to shower conversions in Lancaster, PA, waiting too long to get the ball rolling could lead to major falls and injuries. If you or someone in your home is struggling with mobility or balance, it is the perfect time to consider a tub to shower conversion. This is especially true if you no longer use the bathtub for personal baths, young children, or dogs.

A conversion from a regular bathtub or a bath/shower combo to a sleek, simple, and safe walk-in shower is much easier than most prospective customers may think. The majority of the work is scooping out the old tub. Once it’s removed, we simply use the existing plumbing to hook up your shower stall. It’s so easy and efficient, and you can rest assured you or your loved one has safer access to the shower.

If you use the tub cut method, the job will be completed even faster. Most of the time, at One Day Bath, we can complete a tub cut out in less than four hours. That is because we really don’t need to remove anything except a small panel in the side of your tub to create a walk-in shower. This is also the most economical option for a tub to shower conversion.

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