Bathtub And Tile Reglazing In Hazelton, PA

Cost-Effective Bathtub Restorations

Your bathroom is an oasis. But what happens if you find spots, chipped, and damaged parts in your bath? Fortunately, bathtub reglazing and bathtub refinishing are cost-efficient ways of dealing with this, allowing you to restore the appearance of your tub.

At One Day Bath, we offer comprehensive bathtub and tile reglazing services in the local area. Our top priority is to make your cabinets, floors, tiles, and bathtub look brand new once again. We can address a variety of cosmetic issues related to your bathroom, prioritizing your satisfaction every step of the way.

Bathtub And Tile Reglazing In Hazelton, PA

We Can Restore Your Bath Tile in Hazleton, PA In No Time

In just a single day, we can repair, refresh, and revitalize your bathroom. You don’t have to worry about us demolishing anything, which means you don’t have to worry about a giant mess in your house either! If you want to change the color of your bathroom tile, we can handle that as well. Work with our team to bring you bathroom back to life because:

Tile reglazing is a more affordable way to refurbish your bathroom. Bathtub reglazing can help fill in chips, clean stubborn stains, and repair cracks. If you also have any rust spots, our Hazelton, PA experts will scrub away these areas and reapply durable finishes that prevent future deterioration.

Traditional bath replacements often take days to complete, with the professionals tasked with multiple tasks such as plumbing. Bathtub reglazing cuts down this time, with refinishing requiring only a day. It will especially come in handy for homeowners with limited bathrooms, making it possible to return to your everyday living standards.

Another reason to consider our tile refinishing services is the option to switch up the color of your tiles to a different finish, allowing you to adopt a different theme for your bathroom. Tile reglazing options come in a broad palette of colors, with Hazelton, PA experts also availing unique finishes for a complete bathtub transformation.

Bathtub refinishing is not just good for aesthetics, but it will also be ideal for extending the life of old and worn-out tubs. Our professionals utilize a high quality non-porous acrylic surface compound that lasts up to 15 years, prolonging the life of your bathtub. This means low maintenance costs, allowing you to spend your money on other areas that need urgent makeovers.

Tile refinishing is the way to go if you need help transforming your old bathtub, allowing you to benefit from reduced cost, time savings, and long-lasting products. Contact our trusted contractors today to schedule a free consultation.

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