Shower And Bathtub Liners In Tannersville, PA

Make your bathroom shower or tub look as if it were brand new again with our revitalizing shower and bathtub liners in Tannersville PA. These acrylic sheets are simply capable of being installed right over your current steel or cast iron tub, so there is no serious mess involved! With over 1,500 tub styles to choose from that can be custom fitted, we can find the absolute perfect liner for you that can suite your bathroom.

Our bathroom contractors make customer satisfaction as a priority, which is why we managed to maintain a 99.8% success rate with our shower and tub fittings! By keeping the project clean and simple, the entire project may only take up to one day! This means that by getting shower and bathtub liners in Tannersville PA, you will be able to enjoy your new tub within just 1-2 days!

Some of the greatest benefits about having an acrylic bathtub liner installed is that it is not only beautiful, but so easy to clean. The material itself is non-porous and the lifetime of it is guaranteed not to crack, dent or chip under typical uses. So overall this is not only a great and cheaper alternative compared to having a new bathtub installed, but a wise investment too!

At One Day Bath we specialize in more than just shower and bathtub liners in Tannersville PA, but a large variety of other bathroom remodeling services. Our contractors offer tub to shower conversions, tile refinishing, TubcuT®, reglazing tub, bathtub resurfacing, tub and tile reglazing throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition to these services, we also provide a variety of shower options and additions, such as shower seats, shelves and racks.

Or call (866) 927-8247 to get more information or to schedule a free consultation for your shower and bathtub liners in Tannersville, PA. Be sure to check out our bathroom remodeling special offers to get a discount!

Tub Cuts In Tannersville, PA

Wish you could have your tub converted into a walk-in-shower in just one day? Our professional installers can save you thousands compared to a shower renovation, by providing you with a TubcuT® in Tannersville! Our tub cuts allows you easy access through your tub, as if it were a shower, and the process can be completed within 5-6 hours. This is a great alternative for those who are finding it difficult to enter the shower in and can help prevent any future mishaps. Even if you decide that the tub cut isn’t right for you, then you can reverse it back to an original tub! Along with that option, our tub modifications are offered with a lifetime warranty too.

Tub to Shower Conversion In Tannersville, PA

Our tub to shower conversion service offers you a clean and easy way to convert your old tub into a brand new shower! Our services save you time and money unlike many other bathroom remodeling projects. Our acrylic shower systems comes with our industry leading warranty which lasts as long as you live in the home! Our shower systems are mold, peel, fade, and crack resistant, making them an easy choice to convert your tub in Tannersville. With a free in-home consultation, we can help provide you with an estimate or answer any of your questions.

Tub and Tile Reglazing In Tannersville, PA

Our professional services include tub and tile reglazing, which is an affordable alternative to make your bathtub or bathroom tile look brand new again! The best part about reglazing a bathtub or tiling is that you will be able to use it again within 24 hours! Another great benefit is you can change the color of the tile to any choice or design you desire, so say goodbye to that pink bathroom tile. There is no demolition at all throughout the process, so it is simple, clean and stress free!

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