Durable Bathtub Fitters in Montgomery County, PA

Bathtub fitters from One Day Bath are made from acrylic, making them nearly more durable than the materials that traditional tubs are made from, such as porcelain or ceramics. These materials are not prone to aging well, and can peel, crack, and chip.

However, a bathtub liner made from acrylic is highly unlikely to fade, scratch, or sustain any type of permanent damage. Our heavy-duty bathtub liners at One Day Bath are certainly designed to last. The material is non-porous, so it doesn’t accumulate mold or mildew, making it quite simple to clean and care for.

Bathtub fitters in Montgomery County, PA

Our Custom Made Bathtub Liners Fit Right Over Your Existing Tub

Are you aware that most Montgomery County, PA bathroom renovations take days, if not weeks, to complete? That means your bathroom will be off limits throughout that time. If you choose to install one of our bathtub fitters or bathtub overlays in Montgomery County, PA, rather than replace your whole tub, it will be a one-day job and more affordable. Since bathtub fitters and shower liners slide right over your old tub and wall, nothing is removed or replaced, but you’re left with a beautiful update!

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Are you interested in a bathtub liner in the Montgomery County, PA area? One Day Bath can help. We are the area’s top installer of bathtub liners and overlays. We want you to finally have the bathroom that you have been dreaming of with a simple bathroom remodel that will fit within your budget. As your go-to bathroom remodeling team, we can assure you that the transition will be both affordable and quick, with an average installation taking less than a few hours. We will make sure your bathroom doesn’t stay out of commission for long.

If you are unsure of whether or not you would like to commit to a bathtub liner from One Day Bath, that is no problem. We gladly offer a free consultation and quote to all of our prospective customers asking about bathtub fitters and bathtub overlays. We would be more than happy to discuss your bathtub acrylic liner needs with you while getting a feel for the space we will be working with. So, contact us today to get started with shower liners and tub overlays in Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA.

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